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A Milestone in Bangkok’s Thonglor District as ‘The Joint’ Celebrates Grand Opening

https://youtu.be/9rJXW0Y0wEU In a remarkable celebration of progress and cultural change, Bangkok's vibrant Thonglor district witnessed the much-anticipated grand opening of 'The Joint,' a pioneering weed shop that has quickly become a significant milestone in Thailand's evolving attitude towards cannabis. The grand opening event not only marked a new era for the district but also highlighted the shifting perceptions surrounding marijuana in the country. A Paradigm Shift in Perception For decades, Thailand's stance on cannabis has been defined by strict laws and a conservative …
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5 Health Benefits of Marijuana

1. Insomnia Insomnia can be caused by many different reasons; cannabis thankfully can assist by tackling the source. If you feel constantly tired throughout the day and day-napping shorts your desire to sleep at night, Sativa strains will help to keep you energized and going, restoring your sleep cycle in the process. Indica strains may be better for those who have a hard time calming down before sleeping. Indica strains induce a peaceful state that helps insomniacs to relax and stay …