Raw Classic Connoisseur 1¼ Rolling Papers and Tips

Tips and small papers? You don’t see it every day, but guys from Raw made sure to make this real! These papers have everything you need to roll small spliffs or tiny joints on the run. Perfect for that wake-up joint or before sleep small smoke. Highest quality paper and tips, as expected from Raw!

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There is a reason why Raw rolling papers are one of the most recognized rolling paper brands in the world. Raw is known not only for its ultra-high quality but also for natural materials. And when we say natural, we mean – really natural!

All Raw rolling papers are unbleached and completely unrefined. Raw uses no dyes, burn additives or chalk when making their papers. All Raw papers are made only from natural materials like plants.

This means when you roll with Raw, you will be able to feel that maximum natural level of your smoke. Use Raw to smoke it real!

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Grape, Apple, Orange


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