Phoenician Weed Grinder 2 Piece

Phoenician Weed Grinder – 2 Piece edition. Multiple colours available upon request.

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Experience the ultimate grind with the Phoenician notched groove grinder – designed to elevate your daily cannabis ritual. Our precision-engineered grinder boasts razor-sharp teeth that easily and consistently grind your herbs to perfection.

Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum and finished with an anodized coating, our grinder is built to withstand the test of time. With its sleek exterior and durable finish, your Phoenician grinder will maintain its polished appearance, even after countless uses.

The seamless two-piece design of our grinder ensures a flawless and effortless grinding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of cannabis, our grinder is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

Choose Phoenician and invest in a product that not only lasts, but also enhances your cannabis experience. Improve your daily sesh with the unparalleled grip and precision engineering of the Phoenician notched groove grinder. Order yours today and elevate your grind game!

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Grape, Apple, Orange


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