Aurora Indica is a powerful indica-dominant cannabis strain that brings all the good indica characteristics you come to expect. You will experience full sedation in both the mind and the body starting with a creeping calmness that morphs into complete stony couch lock.

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Aurora Indica strain weed is an indica-dominant plant. Given the name, this shouldn’t come as too much of a revelation. The breed was first created by Nirvana Seeds, who are also the makers of Papaya and Bubblicious. Nirvana Seeds birthed Aurora Indica through the crossing of an Afghan landrace with Northern Lights. Northern Lights also passed on its name to the breed, with aurora borealis being the scientific name of the northern lights phenomenon.

Known for possessing a sizable amount of THC, Aurora Indica gives a creeping high which sets you at ease and eats away at your worries. The body high in this one is strong, and there is often a quick onset of couch lock once you consume Aurora Indica.

Aurora Indica can be tricky to track down in dispensaries, but not impossible. It is especially popular in Arizona and Oregon. The seeds are also readily available worldwide through online purchases, which helps give Aurora Indica a more international presence than other strains.

The plant is known for giving out exceptionally high levels of resin. Because of this, Aurora Indica is a popular strain for creating hash. The hash made from Aurora Indica is almost entirely black and has a pronounced, distinctive taste.

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